Commissioning of animal portraits from photographs

You want to pay tribute to one or more of your pets? To make an original and unique gift to a friend or member of your family? To have the opportunity to contemplate a wild animal at home?

I make the animal portrait of your dreams from photos, using dry pastels, graphite pencils and soon, oil painting. Many formats and options are possible, and I strive to transcribe your wishes with accuracy, realism and emotion.

You will find information and details in the sections below:


Choice of photos

Process and deadlines




My Tundra, on 27th October 2020, life tore you away from me. I still mourn your absence and your tragic death.

Thanks to Caroline’s talent, I was able to pay you the most beautiful tribute and immortalize you forever. My tears flow when I look at you. I loved you, I love you and I will love you.


I wanted to offer a portrait of his dog to an old uncle for Christmas. He is so attached to him… And he was delighted by this portrait!

It’s exactly him, not only because he looks like him physically, but because Caroline has captured his personality, what makes him who he is. It’s amazing!


As I am particularly fond of birds, I asked Caroline to draw me a portrait of a nocturnal bird of prey. Today, it’s as if a big owl is flying in the middle of my living room and looking at me with its big eyes.

I find this fascinating. And also very intriguing.