How to choose a picture for an animal portrait

I work exclusively from photographs. When you place your order, I will ask you for:

  • A photo that will be used as a basis for the portrait. In addition to the technical criteria detailed below, you must really like it!


  • If the animal is a pet of yours, several photos of it in its daily life, so that I can acquaint myself with it, grasp its personality, its lifestyle, etc.

How to choose the photo

The quality of the portrait is directly related to the quality of the photo on which it is based. For an optimal result, you need a photo:


  • Clear, so that I can see all the details and thus give a good rendering of the direction of the hair, the positioning of the ears, the specificities of the animal (spots, scars…), etc. This implies, among other things, not to photograph the animal from too far away and to use a good smartphone (without the zoom) or a camera..
Photo portrait de chat de face
Photo floue d'un chat

I need to be able to zoom in on the image from my computer and be able to see the contours and details of the animal perfectly, not a “bunch of pixels”. Check it before sending!


  • Preferably in natural light, in the sun or in good light, without backlighting. The light should come from the front or side of the animal, but not from behind. And it is best to avoid flash, which distorts the light and gives red eyes.
Photo portrait de cheval au soleil
Photo portrait de cheval dans l'ombre
  • With a framing that highlights the animal. Avoid plunging or low-angle shots, which distort the perception.
Photo portrait de chien prise de face
Photo portrait de chien prise en plongée
Photo portrait de chien prise en contre-plongée

If you have any doubts, please send me several photos and I will tell you which one I think is the best.

Some examples of quality photos

… for the animal in portrait

Photo portrait d'un chat
Photo portrait d'un cheval
Photo portrait d'un perroquet
Photo portrait d'un chien

… for the whole animal

Photo d'un lapin en entier
Photo d'un cheval en entier
Photo d'un chiot et d'un chien en entiers
Photo d'un chat en entier

For indoor pets

If your pet cannot be photographed outside, be sure to place it next to a window to get the maximum benefit from daylight… but without placing it against the light!

Requests for changes

If you wish to correct or remove an element (collar or harness for example), please let me know when you order.


All this is obviously an ideal to strive for. It is possible for me – within certain limits – to use a photo of lesser quality if it is really the one you like, on the basis of other pictures you send me. In the same way, for a deceased animal, I will do my best with what you have of him.

Nevertheless, I reserve the right to refuse a photo if I feel that it will not allow me to do a suitable job.