Process and deadlines

Portraiture takes time, and the waiting list can be as long as several months. So be sure to plan ahead, especially if it’s a gift!



Step 1: Discussions

Together we define your wishes in terms of format, technique, options, etc. And we determine the photo that will serve as a basis for the work.


Step 2: Deposit

In order to be registered on the waiting list, you send me a deposit of 50% of the order price.


Step 3: Portraying

I realize the requested portrait with pastels, oil paint or graphite pencils. It’s worth noting that an oil requires several months to complete, including several layers and essential drying time.


Step 4: Photo (optional)

If and only if you wish, I will send you a photo of the portrait and/or a small video montage including photos of the different stages of its making.


Step 5: Payment of the balance

Your payment in full conditions the shipment of your order.


Step 6: Shipping

I send you your order.


Depending on the period, waiting list times can vary from one to four months or more. It is therefore necessary to anticipate, especially as it is necessary to add to this:

• The time it takes to produce the portrait (which varies greatly depending on the chosen format and medium);

• The shipping time (2 to 7 days on average).

In case of emergency, the “express” rate allows to process your order as a priority. However, this is subject to prior planning verification. And a + 20% of the normal price will be applied.